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    Serviced Office

General Specifications

    Swimming Pool  
    Social Facilities  

Project Delivery Status

   January 2017  
   February 2017  
   March 2017  
   April 2017  
   May 2017  
   June 2017  
   July 2017  
   August 2017  
   September 2017  
   October 2017  
   November 2017  
   December 2017  
   2014 Possession  

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Real Estate Hints


    • Are there security services? If yes, do they operate 24 hours?

    • Are the material types and quality used during construction compliant with regulations?

    • Is the sound insulation sufficient?

    • Have you checked the water and electricity installations?

    • Have you checked if the car park is outdoor or indoor and whether or not it is sufficient?

    • Have you checked the building project and whether or not the construction is compliant?

    • Have you checked whether or not a ground survey was conducted? If yes, did you analyze the study?

    • Does the construction comply with earthquake regulations?

    • Who prepared the projects and who did the audit?


    • Have you checked the real estate records?

    • Have you thoroughly studied the allotment and square meters?

    • Have you checked if floor access is established and if the building has the required permissions for use? If construction is still ongoing, have you checked the financial status of the contractor?

    • Does the building have a utilization permit?


    • Is this the house that suits your needs? (Did you assess it as an investment or as a home?)

    • Is it suitable for the area and social environment that you prefer?

    • Have you assessed its location in terms of your place of work, schools, hospitals and city center? Have you checked the public transport facilities?

    • Have you learnt the total number of apartments and the cost for central heating, if there is one, and also the monthly maintenance fees?

    • Have you checked the rental income if you are buying for investment purposes?

    • Have you checked the view?

    • Have you checked which direction it faces? Does it face north or south? This is important for sunlight.

    • Have you learnt the net square meters?

    • Are there enough rooms? Are the rooms functional? Are the living room and bedroom connections appropriate for use?

    • Are the balconies convenient for use?

    • Is the garden and landscaping appropriate?

    • Have you compared the price with similar projects in the vicinity?